AM/FM Hand-Tuned Hidden Antennas
For Anything That Rocks, Rolls, Floats, Or Flies
Hidden Marine Antennas For Boats & Marine AM/FM Radios


 Tune Trapper Hidden AM FM Hand Tuned Antennas By ECS Corp

Marine Grade AM/FM Antennas That Work...Guaranteed!

Easy To Install...Just Plug Into Your Radio

Designed To Be Hidden...Locate Anywhere


Quality AM FM Stereo Marine Antennas For All Boats & Watercraft 

Whip antennas on boats often don't hold up due to moisture, UV, and vibration. The Tune Trapper Antenna was designed to be hidden and mounted anywhere in the hull or any compartment or on deck. Mount vertical or horizontal. The TT no ground plane design works well on all vehicles - especially fiberglass boats, cars, and RV's where a good ground plane can be non-existant. The TT also performs in aluminum boats - just provide 3/4" offset from solid metal. Most vertical whip antennas are a 1/4 wave ground plane. The Tune Trapper is a full 1/2 wave helical dipole wound with copper wire and requires no ground or power. Each TT is hand tuned to resonance with the FM band (88-108MHz) using special instruments to maximize FM reception. Also handles AM, WeatherBand, and HD. The unique, flexible PVC housing is sealed for harsh marine use.

Tune Trapper Hidden Marine AM FM Radio Antenna


 The Tune Trapper Antenna is Hand Made in the USA. Each electrical connection is soldered for durability. Components are top quality - the cable is 95% copper braid shielded to eliminate EMI noise. Antennas are individually tested to guarantee that all your tunes are trapped whether at the dock or offshore. The TT is available with either 6 or 10 feet of cable that is terminated with a standard Motorola type connector to plug directly into your radio. The antenna is 24" long, 1/2" in diameter, with a center mount including 3M mount tape or secure with tie wraps. Our Home Stereo FM Antenna will provide excellent reception for a component stereo system located in a cabin.




     ♦  Engineered to be Hidden. Place Anywhere - In Any Position.

    ♦   Requires No Power - No Ground - No Amplifier. Simply Plugs into Radio

      Each Antenna is Hand Tuned to the FM Band for Maximum Reception.

       Quality Materials - Copper Braided Cable Eliminates EMI Noise.

       Hand Crafted - Each Connection is Soldered For Performance/Durability.

      Will Last a Lifetime. Unique, Flexible, and Sealed Housing.

       Every Antenna is Individually Tested For Crystal Clear Reception.

       Proven Performance. Exceptional Customer Feedback For 7+ Years.


       Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. 

Tune Trapper Boat Antennas Proudly Made In The USA