AM/FM Hand-Tuned Hidden Antennas
For Anything That Rocks, Rolls, Floats, Or Flies
Tune Trapper Hidden AM/FM Stereo Car Antennas
Hidden Antennas For Cars, Trucks, RV's, Tractors, Golf Carts

Hand Tuned AM FM Stereo Hidden Car & Vehicle Antennas By ECS Corp.


Shave the ugly whip antenna on your rod, custom, street car, or any vehicle to give it the sleek, clean look it deserves.


Hidden AM/FM Antennas For Cars, Trucks, RV's, All Vehicles


The Tune Trapper antenna was designed to be Hidden and mounted almost anywhere: headliner, trunk, under dash, rear window tray,overhead console, behind seat, glovebox, etc.. The TT no ground plane design works well on all vehicles - especially fiberglass cars, boats, Rv's where a good ground plane is non-existant. In steel, only a minimum clearance of 3/4" is required. Most vertical whip antennas are a 1/4 wave ground plane. The Tune Trapper is a full 1/2 wave helical dipole wound with solid copper wire and requires no ground or power. Each TT is hand tuned to FM resonance (88-108MHz) with special instruments and individually tested prior to packaging. The cable is high quality 95% copper braid shielded cable for elimination of EMI noise from wipers, fans, engine, blower, etc.. Motorola termination to plug directly into your radio. Handles AM-FM-WeatherBand-HD. 24" long, 1/2" diameter with center mount including 3M double-side tape. May be secured with tie wraps. All connections soldered for durability/performance. Unique, flexible and sealed housing is weather-tight and durable. May be spray painted with nonmetallic paint to match interior.



Neither we nor our customers have generally had good results from the competing mini amplified antennas that make big claims. They can overload the tuner, amplify the bad as well as the good, and usually are cheaply made which can introduce EMI noise. Radios already have sensitive pre amps built in, they're just looking for a properly tuned antenna, like the TT, to make them rock!

AM reception inside a steel bodied car can be a challenge because AM waves are extremely long and tend to ride the steel skin of the car and not freely enter the way shorter FM waves do. Many of our customers do get good AM but it depends on the car's lines, window layout, and the antenna location - more exposure, in this case, is better.




     ♦  Engineered to be Hidden. Place Anywhere - In Any Position.

    ♦   Requires No Power - No Ground - No Amplifier. Simply Plugs into Radio

      Each Antenna is Hand Tuned to the FM Band for Maximum Reception.

       Quality Materials - Copper Braided Cable Eliminates EMI Noise.

       Hand Crafted - Each Connection is Soldered For Performance/Durability.

      Will Last a Lifetime. Unique, Flexible, and Sealed Housing.

       Every Antenna is Individually Tested For Crystal Clear Reception.

       Proven Performance. Exceptional Customer Feedback For 7+ Years.


       Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. 

Member National Street Rod AssociationAM/FM Antennas Proudly Made In The USA


Model Selection Note - We offer 2 models of Tune Trapper Antennas (TT-2C and TT-1E). They both are the same antenna electrically with the difference being that the cable in the 2C is center fed and the cable in the 1E is end fed. This variation is for ease of installation. In addition, the center mount bracket on the 1E may be removed. The 2C may be easier for overhead console radios or for under dash installs, for example. The 1E is suited for mounting above a head liner with the cable routed down the window post trim, as well as simply placed underneath a rear window.  The 2C is available with a 2, 6, or 10 foot cable. The 1E is available with a 6  foot cable. We offer cable extensions in our catalog and they are available at many auto parts stores.

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