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About Tune Trapper

Electronic Control Services Corporation, or ECS Corp., designs, manufactures, and installs electronic control systems. Since we started more than 25 years ago, all of our home electronics have been made right here in Hudson, Florida, where all of our home electronics were developed and perfected in our own houses, boats, and vehicles. The Tune Trapper works with any home radio or stereo system that accepts an external antenna, and each one is tested prior to packaging, so we can guarantee it will perform.

Creating the Tune Trapper

We craft the Tune Trapper with a half-wave helical dipole copper wire antenna and no-ground-plane design, using 95% copper braided shield cable to virtually eliminate EMI noise. Each antenna is then hand tuned using special instruments to the FM band 88 to 108 MHz. Of course, it handles AM, weather band, and high-definition broadcasts as well.

The Tune Trapper requires no ground and is engineered to be hidden, so you can mount it anywhere, including in steel or fiberglass. This versatility means that along with cars and boats, you can install it in your RV, street rod, and even your golf cart when a chassis ground can be difficult to obtain. There are tons of possibilities, and installation is a breeze.

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