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A HIDDEN Car Antenna With Clear Reception

ECS Corp. designed the Tune Trapper to be a powerful aftermarket hidden (interior) stereo radio antenna for cars, motorcycles, boats, golf carts, and RVs. The Tune Trapper is a full 1/2 wave helical dipole wound with solid copper wire that requires no ground or power to work - just plug it into your radio. The TT no ground plane design works well on all vehicles - including fiberglass cars or boats where a good ground plane is non-existant. Best of all, when you use it in your vehicle, you can hide it in any location that has a minimal signal: headliner, trunk, dash, rear window tray, behind/under seat, overhead console, glove box, etc.. Unlike cheap, amplified antennas which are inefficient and amplify the  bad along with good, the TT antenna  is hand tuned to the FM band for optimal FM reception across the entire bandwidth including HD reception as well as the weather band. In addition, the antenna provides good AM reception in fiber glass body vehicles or exposed locations but we do not recommend a hidden antenna for quality AM reception located inside steel bodied vehicles since the longer AM radio waves generally won't access it. The Tune Trapper Hidden Car Antenna is available in two models: a center feed cable version and an end feed cable version - choose the format that installs easier for your application. Various cable lengths are available as well as several extension cables.

A New Kind of Antenna

The Tune Trapper's no-ground-plane design works well for all vehicles including fiber glass bodies where a good ground plane is non-existent. The full 1/2 wave helical dipole is very efficient and is contained in a sealed, durable and flexible pvc housing only 24" long by 1/2" in diameter. In steel, a minimum clearance of only 3/4" is required. The center mount provides double sided tape and we include tie wraps for securing.  Each antenna is hand made in our shop and all connections are soldered for durability /performance. The cable is 95% copper braid shielded to reduce emi noise from wipers, fan, engine, etc.. Each TT is hand tuned to the FM band  and individually tested for quality performance. The cable terminates with a standard Motorola type car antenna plug which is compatible with after market radios and many oem radios. Adapters are available on line if your oem radio requires one.

Your radio already has a sensitive pre amp built in - it's just looking for a properly tuned antenna to make it ROCK!

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