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Tune Trapper Hidden Car Antenna TT-2C-2  (with 2 Foot Cable)

Price: $36.99
Prod. Code: TT-2C-2

This is the same antenna as the TT-2C but has the shorter 2 foot cable for closer attachment as in overhead console.

The center fed TT-2C-2 is 24"L and 1/2" Dia. complete with 2 feet of 95% copper braid shielded cable terminated with a standard Motorola type male plug. Hand Tuned for the FM Band 88-108MHz.. Also handles AM, WeatherBand, as well as HD. Center mount with 3M Heavy Duty Mounting Tape. Flexible bend 10-20 degrees. Minimum clearance to steel 3/4" one side. Excellent for overhead consoles as well as tight under dash installs. Sealed for the harsh marine environment.