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Customer Feedback
Tune Trapper Hand Tuned Hidden AM/FM Antennas



Tune Trapper® Customer Feedback – (All comments available on e-Bay)


* Awesome!!!! That is all I need to say.

* Awesome product…works well…hell, it works great!!!!

* All I can say is Wow. Great product.

* Wow! What an amazing product! Solved all my reception problems.

* Awesome AM/FM reception. Highly recommended!!!

* These guys are the best, fast shipping and this works great, excellent reception.

* Works AWESOME!!!!

* Wow. The antenna is great. Thanks. Great product.

* Installed inside 3 Harley street glide fairings. Excellent reception. Thanks.

* Best antenna ever!!! Even gets WB mounted under fairing of my FLHT. Thanks.

* Antenna works great on boat. Thank you.

* My second one for my other boat, perfect like the last one.

* I’ve bought at least 7 of these for myself and buddies – Awesome product.

* Bought one before for our boat – works great – so bought one for the house too.

* Awesome product!! Works great under an aluminum rhino roof!!

* Love the antenna, really smoothed up the look of my Mustang. Thanks.

* Best audio accessory I’ve ever purchased, everyone needs this antenna.

* Wonderful antenna, even works in my old jeep.

* We live in rural area and this antenna picks up stations clear as a bell A++++

* Works great! Installed in my center console A+. Never use an external antenna again.

* Amazing antenna! Works great even mounted in a cabin below the waterline.

* Tune Trapper worked far better than my low profile amplified mini antenna.

* Love this antenna! Will be looking to add more to future Streetrods!!!

* Great design. Thanks. Plan to buy more.

* Incredible sound for great design!!

* Great product! If only I had found this sooner.

* Works great.! Amazing!

* This works fantastic!

* Sounds great…I bought 3 antennas!

* Awesome!!! Thank you! Now I’m catching a signal in the mountains even!!!!

* Incredible antenna, Better than in my new car.

* Super neat product, third one I have purchased.

* Mounted under fiberglass fairing. Works as good as stock whip.

* Absolutely outstanding!! Excellent product. Can’t say enough!

* Unbelievable. Wow. Thanks. Great product!

* Nice quality product. Looks too good to hide. But I will. AAA+++ Thanks.

* Excellent AM/FM reception! Finally, something that works!