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The Tune Trapper Hidden FM Stereo Antenna provides impeccable reception. Uniquely, this antenna is designed to be concealed - behind or underneath your system or cabinet - anywhere a minimal signal is present. Hand crafted in our shop and individually tuned and tested to ensure crystal clear reception. No power - no ground - no amplifier - simply plugs into your receiver. Two Models: Home Model for all stereos and radios such as Pioneer, Tivoli, Sangean, BA, or any receiver that takes an external FM antenna and Bose Wave Radio Model for all Bose Wave Radios.

Getting the Most From Your Home Stereo

This is the original Tune Trapper design that has wowed our customers since we introduced it 15 years ago. It was designed to be hidden practically anywhere, and no power, ground, or amplification is required. The TT is a full 1/2 wave helical dipole FM antenna and also handles HD broadcasts and the Weather band. All connections within the antenna are hand-soldered for performance and durability and sealed in a flexible PVC housing that is dirt and water resistant  to last a lifetime. We hand tune each antenna to the FM band to provide quality reception across the entire band. Each antenna is individually tested prior to packaging to ensure crystal clear reception.

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The Tune Trapper is 24" in length and comes with 6' of 75 ohm shielded coax cable (white R6), terminated with a screw-on male coax F connector (cable TV connector). You may add up to 50' of additional cable - it is easy and Home Depot carries the white R6 cable in various lengths as well as the extension connector. The Bose model includes a 3.5mm (1/8") adapter plug to ensure the antenna will fit all Bose Wave Radios as well as a short extension cord which has a slimline connector that some Bose housings may require. The Home Model also  includes a 300 ohm twin-forked lead transformer for older systems that have the 2 wire antenna connector. We can provide most any FM antenna adapter that your system may require - just include a specific request when you order or email us your make/model information. We also include an application tips sheet with your antenna that can be helpful and, of course, provide exceptional customer service if you need any guidance. Distinctive features:

  • Hand Tuned Using Special Instruments to the FM Band
  • Quality Materials - i.e. 95% Copper Braided R6 Cable Eliminates EMI Noise
  • Proven Performance (Excellent Customer Feedback for Over 15 Years)
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Desgned to be Concealed - Place Anywhere a Minimal Signal is present
  • Each Antenna Individually tested for Performance
  • Light, flexible, durable housing will last a lifetime

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