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Home Antenna - Bose Wave Antenna

 Tune Trapper® Antennas by ECS Corp.


Tune Trapper Home FM Hidden Antenna For Stereos & Radios


FM Hand Tuned Antennas For All Fine Radios/Receivers: 


                         Bose Wave Radio: Model TT-Bose

                                       For All Bose Wave Radios/Systems


                         Home Stereo/Radio: Model TT-Home

                                For Stereo Receivers Like Pioneer And

                                       Radios Like Tivoli, Sangean, BA, Etc..         


The Tune Trapper Antenna provides impeccable reception. Uniquely, this antenna is designed to be concealed - behind or underneath your system or cabinet. Hand crafted, individually tuned and tested to ensure crystal clear reception.


Tune Trapper Antenna Distinctive Features:

  • Specifically Designed to be Hidden. Place Anywhere - In Any Position.
  • Requires: No Power - No Ground - No Amplifier - Just Plugs Into Your System.
  • Each Antenna is Hand Tuned Using Special Instruments to the FM Band.
  • Quality Materials - i.e. 95% Copper Braided R6 Cable Eliminates EMI Noise.
  • Hand Crafted - Each Electrical Connection is Soldered For Performance.
  • Will Last a Lifetime. Unique, Flexible, and Sealed Housing.
  • Each Antenna is Individually Tested For Crystal Clear Reception.
  • Proven Performance. Excellent Customer Feedback For Over 7 Years.
  • Made In The USA.
  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.


Your Radio Has All The Preamp It Needs Built In...

It's Just Looking For A Properly Tuned Antenna To Make It Rock!


Product Details:

Full Half Wave Helical Dipole Antenna with No Ground Plane Design.

White PVC Housing - 24 inches in length, 1/2 inch in diameter with center mount.

White R6 75 ohm coax cable - 6 feet in length.

Bose Model Has an F connector and 3mm adapter to fit all Bose Wave Systems.

Home Model Has a standard male screw-on coax  F connector. (We will supply a 300 ohm twin lead transformer upon request).

Handles WeatherBand where available and HD Transmission.


Product Description:

This is the Original Tune Trapper Antenna designed and manufactured by ECS Corp that has "Wowed" our customers since we introduced it in 2004. It was designed by the ECS Engineers to be Hidden - that is plug it into your receiver and place the antenna out of sight behind the unit, or underneath of it, or on the floor behind the cabinet. Behind curtains or books or even taped to the underside of a Queen Anne foyer table have been used. Anywhere you want. The Tune Trapper requires No Power, No Ground, No Amplification and Works - Guaranteed. The Tune Trapper is a full 1/2 wave helical dipole antenna wound with copper wire and Hand Made in our Florida shop with the highest quality components. The cable is 95% copper braid shielded to eliminate EMI noise. All connections are hand soldered for performance and durability. The antenna is sealed in a flexible pvc housing that is dirt and water resistant and will last a lifetime. Each antenna is hand tuned to the FM band 88-108 MHz and individually tested prior to packaging to ensure crystal clear reception. The Tune Trapper is 24 inches in length and comes with 6 feet of 75 ohm shielded coax cable terminated with a screw on male coax f connector (cable TV connector). The Bose model includes a 3mm (1/8") adapter plug so the antenna will fit all Bose Wave radios. Upon request, we will include a 300 ohm twin forked lead transfomer with the Home model for those who require it.


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