AM/FM Hand-Tuned Hidden Antennas
For Anything That Rocks, Rolls, Floats, Or Flies
Tune Trapper® Antennas by Electronic Control Services Corporation
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                                       The Tune Trapper® Antenna

              A Universal AM/FM/WB/HD Hidden Antenna

                   That's Guaranteed To Work!

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Cars - Trucks - Street Rods - Customs

Boats - Motorcycles - RV's - Tractors 

  For All Vehicles With Radios


                                  And For


Bose - Tivoli - Sangean - Boston Acoustics

 All Home Stereos & Radios 


Tune Trapper AM/FM Tuned Hidden Antennas By ECS Corp


We designed and developed the Tune Trapper antenna because we could not find a hidden antenna that worked well in our own bikes, boats, and cars. Like many of our customers, we tried the small amplified antennas and were disapointed. They amplify the bad as well as the good, can overload the tuner, and often use cheap cable and fittings which pick up EMI (noise) caused by engines, fans, wipers, etc.. Most vertical whip antennas are 1/4 wave ground plane. The Tune Trapper is a full 1/2 wave helical dipole copper wire antenna  with a no ground plane design. We use 95% copper braided shield cable for virtual elimination of EMI noise. Each antenna is hand tuned using special instruments to the FM band 88-108 mHZ. The Tune Trapper handles AM, WeatherBand, and High Definition broadcasts, as well. It is engineered to be hidden. Mount anywhere, in any position, in steel or fiberglass. Requires no ground and performs well in boats, RV's, street rods, and even golf carts where a chassis ground can be difficult to obtain. The Tune Trapper greatly increases FM reception for any home radio or stereo system that accepts an external antenna input and can be hidden underneath, on top, or on the floor behind the system. Each antenna is tested prior to packaging and we guarantee it will perform. 

 Tune Trapper Antennas Made In Hudson,Florida

Your Radio Has All The PreAmp It Needs Built In.

It's Just Looking For A Properly Tuned Antenna

To Make It ROCK!  


Tune Trapper TT2C Hidden AM/FM Stereo Car Antenna

TT2C Vehicle Antenna





     ♦  Engineered to be Hidden. Place Anywhere - In Any Position.

    ♦   Requires No Power - No Ground - No Amplifier. Simply Plugs into Radio

      Each Antenna is Hand Tuned to the FM Band for Maximum Reception.

       Quality Materials - Copper Braided Cable Eliminates EMI Noise.

       Hand Crafted - Each Connection is Soldered For Performance/Durability.

      Will Last a Lifetime. Unique, Flexible, and Sealed Housing.

       Every Antenna is Individually Tested For Crystal Clear Reception.

       Proven Performance. Exceptional Customer Feedback For 7+ Years.


       Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.



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