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Years ago, we designed the first Tune Trapper Hidden Antenna for our own bikes because we couldn't find one that was reliable. The mini amplified ones didn't work well because they amplify the bad as well as the good, often use cheap materials which introduce emi noise, and can overload the tuner. Your radio has all the pre amp it needs built in - it's just looking for a properly tuned antenna to make it Rock! Our Tune Trapper Antenna has received great feedback from our customers for 15 years and we still hand make them in our shop in Hudson, Florida using the best American materials. So, get rid of the ugly inconvenient whip antenna on your bike or trike or other rv and replace it with our TT that simply plugs into your radio - no power or ground required. Bends to fit around any fairing. The TT no ground plane design works well with fiberglass bodies/fairings on bikes, trikes, and atvs where a good ground plane doesn't exist. We hand tune each antenna to the FM band for optimal performance across the entire bandwidth and individually test each one for quality.

Great Sound Without the Whip Antenna

The Tune Trapper's no-ground-plane design works well on all vehicles, including motorcycle fairings where a good ground plane doesn't exist. Most vertical whip antennas are a 1/4 wave ground plane, but our Tune Trapper is a full half wave helical dipole wound with pure copper wire, requiring no ground or power. All connections are soldered for durability and performance, and the cable is 95% copper braid shielded to eliminate EMI noise. The custom PVC housing is weather sealed to withstand harsh conditions.

Motorcycle Antenna

The Tune Trapper's center-fed dipole is ideal for fairing-mounted radios, as it can bend to fit around any fairing. The antenna is only 24" long and 1/2" in diameter, complete with 2' of high-quality cable that terminates with a male Motorola antenna connector that plugs directly into your radio. Please note that in 2014 Harley factory radios started using a Fakra type of antenna connector that requires an adapter which we carry in our store and is required if your HD OEM radio is 2014 or later. For a rear mount option on a bike or a location on your trike that requires a longer cable, we offer a 6' cable length as well as extension cables.

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